Science Quiz ( Materials in daily life ) for CTET Exam 2016

1. Which of the following is not a synthetic fibre?
A. rayon
B. wool
C. nylon
D. terrycloth

2.  Nylon has________ tensile strength.
A. medium
B. very low
C. low
D. high

3. Which glass type is resistant to heat?
A. hard glass
B. borosilicate glass
C. photo chromatic glass
D. plexi glass

4. Plaster of Paris is obtained by heating-
A. gypsum
B. limestone
C. calcium sulphate
D. sodium carbonate

5. A thick paste of cement, sand and water is known as-
A. concrete
B. moderator
C. mortar
D. slurry

6. Contact lenses are made from-
A. Teflon
B. Lucite
C. polystyrene
D. polyvinyl chlorides

7. Which of the following is called as a polyamide?
A. Orlon
B. Terylene
C. rayon
D. nylon

8. Which of the following is not a thermoplastic polymer?
A. Bakelite 
B. polythene
C. nylon

9. Which is an example of crystalline solid?
B. plastic
C. glass
D. sodium chloride
10. Intermolecular forces present in Nylon-6,6 are-
A. dipole-dipole interaction
B. hydrogen bonding
C. vanderwaals forces
D. none of the above  

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