Plurals with Different Meanings

Some Nouns have same meaning in singular form but have different meanings in plural form.
A few are listed here:

A. Colours:
1. Hues
2. Regiment (unit of army)

B. Compasses:
1. Magnetic compasses
used for navigation
2. Instruments used in geometry

C. Customs:
1. habits (e.g. Farmers of Punjab have customs to celebrate Baisakhi.)
2. duties or taxes levied on imports (You have to pay heavy customs duty if you import diamonds).

D. Draughts:
1. A checker game
2. Currents of air

E. Effects:
1. Results
2. Goods or personal property.

F. Forces:
1. powers (e.g. The forces of nature)
2. Organised group of men (e.g. police forces, armed forces.)

G. Glasses:
1. Glasses (vessels) for drinking water
2. Spectacles

H. Grounds:
1. land (e.g. play ground)
2. reasons (e.g. You have no moral grounds to complain.)

I. Letters:
1. alphabets
2. literature, epistles

J. Manners:
1. methods, ways, customs
2. behaviour

K. Minutes:
1. Spaces of time
2. recording of a meeting.

L. Quarters:
1. Fourth parts (usually used with currency coins)
2. lodgings. (e.g. R. K Puram is a colony of government quarters.)

M. Spirits:
1. souls
2. liquor
3. moral attitude (e.g. in high spirits)

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