Dear reader here we are providing some question
on common errors which will be helpful in your upcoming CTET exam.
1.    He is a university professor / (a) but of his three sons / (b)
neither has any merit/(c) No error/ (d)

2.    After knowing truth / (a) they took the right decision / (b) in
the matter / (c) No error / (d)
3.    It is time you / (a) decide on your next / (b) course of action /
(c) No error / (d)
4.    Judge in him / (a) prevailed upon the father / (b) and he
sentenced his son to death / (c) No error / (d)
5.    Nine tenths / (a) of the pillar / (b) have rotted away / (c) No
error/ (d)
6.    One major reason / (a) for the popularity of television is / (b)
that most people like to stay at home / (c) No error / (d)
7.    Our efforts are aimed / (a) to bring about / (b) a reconciliation
/ (c) No error / (d)
8.    Three conditions critical / (a) for growing plants are soil,
temperature, chemical balance / (b) or amount of moisture / (c) No error / (d)


1.     (c)
Explanation: Neither is used for
two things or persons therefore change neither into none.
2.     (a)
ExplanationKnow is
not used in progressive tense. Change knowing into
having known
3.     (b)
Explanation: Change decide into decided.
It is time is followed by simple past.
4.     (b)
Explanation: Change upon into over.
5.     (c)
Explanation: The subject is
singular so it will be has rotted away.
6.    (c)
Explanation: Insert of the before
7.    (a)
Explanation: It should be our
effort is aimed
 our refers the spirit of a team.
8.    (a)
It should be three critical conditions.

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