Child Pedagogy Quiz for Paper I

1. When child with a disability first come to school, the teacher should-
A. Conduct an admission test
B. Refer the child to a special school according to disability
C. Secludes him from other students
D. Discuss with the child’s parents to evolve collaborative plans

2. In the context of education, socialization means-
A. Creating one’s own special norms
B. Always following social norms
C. Respecting elders in society
D. Adapting and adjusting to social environment
3. Human development is divided into which of the following domains-
A. Physical, spiritual,cognitive and social
B. Physical, cognitive, emotional and social
C. Spiritual, cognitive, emotional and social-psychological
D. Emotional, physical, cognitive and psychological
4. The emphasis from teaching to learning can be shifted by-
A. Adopting child center pedagogy
B. Focusing on examination result
C. Encouraging rote learning
D. Adopting frontal teaching
5. Which of the following is the domain of learning-
A. Spiritual
B. Affective
C. Professional
D. Experiential
6. A child starts to cry when his aunt takes him from his mother’s lap. The child cries due to-
A. Social anxiety
B. Separation anxiety
C. Emotional anxiety
D. Stranger anxiety
7. Error of learners often indicate-
A. How they learn
B. Socio- economic status of learner
C.The need for mechanical drill
D. Absence of learning
8. A school gives preference to girls while preparing student for a state level solo song competition. This reflect-
A. Global trend
B. Gender bias
C. Pragmatic approach
D. Progressive thinking
9. Which of the following is the first step in the scientific method of problem solving-
A. Problem of awareness
B. Formation of hypothesis
C. Verification of hypothesis
D. Collection of relevant information
10. Human personality is the result of which of the following-
A. Only heredity
B. Upbringing and education
C. Interaction between heredity and environment
D. Only environment

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