Child Pedagogy for Paper I and II

1. Gardener formulated a list of seven intelligences, which among the following is not one of them?
A. linguistic intelligence
B. emotional intelligence
C. spatial intelligence
D. interpersonal intelligence

2. According to psychologist, intelligence is-
A. ability to learn
B. ability to abstract thinking
C. only A
D. both A and B

3. “Team Teaching” –
A. involves teams of teachers to optimize resources , interest and expertize
B. is a way out to manage with the shortage of teachers
C. encourages healthy competition among teams of teachers in a school
D. involves small teams of students as per their ability

4. Which of the following is not a domain of learning?
A. Cognitive
B. Affective
C. Psychomotor
D. Spiritual

5. Learning disability may occur due to all of the following except-
A. prenatal use of alcohol
B. mental retardation
C. teachers way of teaching
D. meningitis during infancy
6. Which one of the following pair would be most appropriate choice to complete the following sentence?
“Children ________ faster when they are involved in the activities that seem to be__________”
A. learn; useful in real life
B. recall; linked with their classwork only
C. memorize; culturally neutral care
D. forget; useful in a classroom

7. Area of individual differences is-
A. body structure
B. gender differences
C. mental abilities
D. none of the above

8. In a lively classroom situation, there is likely to be –
A. long discussions among students
B. frequent teacher-student dialogue
C. occasional roars of laughter
D. complete silence

9. A teacher’s most important challenge is-
A. to make students do their homework
B. to maintain discipline in the classroom
C. to prepare the question paper
D. to make teaching-learning process enjoyable

10. Which of the following should be considered the most important quality of a teacher at primary level?
A. patience and perseverance
B. eagerness to teach
C. knowledge of harmless ways of punishing
D. competence to teach in highly standardized language

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