Child Development And Pedagogy Quiz

Dear reader here we are providing
some question on child development and pedagogy which can be useful in your
upcoming CTET exam
1.    Parents should play a _ role in the learning process of young
      (1) Negative
      (2) Proactive
      (3) Sympathetic
      (4) Neutral 

2.    “Development is a never ending process.” This idea is
associated with
      (1) Principle of interrelation
      (2) Principle of continuity
      (3) Principle of integration
      (4) Principle of interaction 
3.    Which is the place where the child’s ‘cognitive’ development is
defined in the best way?
      (1) Playground
      (2) School and classroom environment
      (3) Auditorium
      (4) Home
4.    Which of the following is not a sign of an intelligent young
      (1) One who has the ability to cram long essays very quickly
      (2) One who has the ability to communicate fluently and
      (3) One who carries on thinking in an abstract manner
      (4) One who can adjust oneself in a new environment
5.    ____ is considered a sign of motivated teaching.
      (1) Maximum attendance in the class
      (2) Remedial work given by the teacher
      (3) Questioning by students
      (4) Pin drop silence in the class 
6.    Which of the following is not related to the socio-psychological
needs of the child?
      (1) Need for appreciation or social approval
      (2) Need for emotional security
      (3) Regular elimination of waste products from the body
      (4) Need for company 
7.    The best way, specially at primary level, to address the learning
difficulties of students is to use
      (1) a variety of teaching methods suited to the disability
      (2) expensive and, glossy support material
      (3) easy and interesting textbooks
      (4) story-telling method
8.    Which of the following will foster creativity among learners ?
      (1) Teaching the students the practical value of good education
      (2) Providing opportunities to question and to nurture the
innate talents of every learner
      (3) Emphasizing achievement goals from the beginning of school
      (4) Coaching students for good marks in examination

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