Happy Durga Ashtami

TeachersAdda,  SSCadda, & Bankersadda,  wishes you all a very happy Durga Ashtami. Goddess Durga is the epitome of energy and may she enlighten your path helping you achieve your goal. This time Navratri is special because these days are your days to work as hard as you can for your dreams. 

There is a famous folklore of goddess Durga associated with this festival. Once as it is said was a demon named Mahishasur who doomed our mother earth and was lost in his pride of power. He dedicated his time to rigorous penance directed the creator of all creatures, Lord Brahma. And his wish was granted and in reward he attained great power. He was powerful but never thought wisely to channelise his energy in a positive direction and indulged in gross misconduct. To bring an end to his atrocities Goddess Durga decided to teach him and the world a lesson. Devi fought with him for nine days which seemed an endless and ferocious battle. Deciding to end the battle there, the Goddess then summoned her discuss (given to her by Vishnu), that was a clone of the Sudarsana-Chakra. She launched it at Mahishasura and beheaded him. Thus, the terrible buffalo-demon, who had terrorized the Gods with boons obtained from Lord Brahma, met his end at the hands of Durga. There more to learn from this story.

Our culture bears testimony to the undying valor and grit of women, next only to the most powerful Gods. Devi Durga is widely recognised as an epitome of strength and agility. Her femininity was never an obstacle to the terror she unleashed upon Mahishasura. So why should femininity be an issue in the present time? Women can only be empowered once they themselves realise the importance of education, courage, strength, self-dependency, and self-respect. Women are the architects of society and there are women leaders everywhere from a CEO of a company to the housewife who raises her children to a student who shapes her future. The history of all times and of today especially, teaches that women's contribution in shaping the society and culture is prominent.

We all have our fair chances at our fate, it is up to us, how we comprehended those powers the Almighty had bestowed upon us. It’s up to us how we channelise our energies in right time. And YOU have your time now. It’s your- 'make it or break it- chance' for becoming a govt. teacher, your goal of a secure job in teaching sector. 

So, celebrate this festive season whole heatedly along with working on your goal.

If you’re thinking that you’ll start practicing well for DSSSB & all upcoming teaching exam from tomorrow onwards, you’ll not be just wasting one day but you’ll be moving far away from your dream of becoming a govt.teachers. Remember lakhs of other students are your competition and they are practicing day in day out to defeat you. By wasting a day or two you will be strengthening their chances against you. Is that really what you would wish for? If, NO then get started NOW.

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