CTET/ UPTET 2019 Exam | Practice Child pedagogy Questions | 14th September 2019

"Teaching Aptitude/ Child Pedagogy" is one of the common in any teaching examination. This section plays a very important part in any teaching examination. This part contains approx. 30-40 questions depend upon the examination pattern that we can easily score only if we practice it on regular basis. These questions are not only for CTET/NVS but also for KVSDSSSB, UPTET & STET also.So, we will provide you the questions which will help you in preparing for Exam.

Q1. To maintain the level of activity of teaching understanding; important thing is
(a) management
(b) skilled administration
(c) capable teacher
(d) All of the above

Q2. Who is mainly responsible for classroom management?
(a) Principal
(b) Class-teacher
(c) Students
(d) Inspector/Supervisor

Q3. For healthy arrangement of classroom, necessary thing is
(a) sufficient light should be in the class
(b) ventilated classroom
(c) appropriate seating arrangement in the class
(d) All of the above

Q4. To inspire the weak student teacher should
(a) applause and tell them to do good work
(b) give them seat on first bench
(c) asked to pay some more attention to the class
(d) not pay attention of them in the class

Q5. In the classroom, direct relation of problems of discipline is with
(a) age of child, interest in study, personality of teacher
(b) which subject is studying in the class
(c) seating arrangement in the class
(d) boring or interesting subject

Q6. What do you mean by creativity?
(a) To make things
(b) To make new things
(c) To decorate things
(d) To decorate only new things

Q7. Creative child is that who
(a) stands first in the class
(b) have creative behaviour
(c) have good behaviour
(d) have good memory power

Q8. Strict discipline should be in school
(a) co-education system is there
(b) discipline makes students healthy citizen
(c) children can study in better way in discipline
(d) disciplined children do not make noise

Q9 Inborn tendency for particular mode of behaviour in lower or higher animals is called—
(a) Emotion
(b) Feeling
(c) Instinct
(d) Sentiment

Q10. Proper teaching is possible when mental and internal capacity of children are known perfectly
(a) By it one can know about his family environment
(b) One can know about his parent's education level
(c) One can know about school's and teacher's education level
(d) By this knowledge he can taught in psychological way


S1. Ans.(d)


S2. Ans.(b)


S3. Ans.(d)


S4. Ans.(a)


S5. Ans.(d)


S6. Ans.(b)


S7. Ans.(b)


S8. Ans.(b)


S9. Ans.(c)


S10. Ans.(d)


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