Study Plan for CTET 2019 Exam | Day 6 | Check Now

Dear aspirants,

As per the latest notification, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), has released CTET 2019 Exam Date which will be held on July 7, 2019. To all the students who could not make it in CTET 2018 but now here is a great opportunity for you to get ready for CTET 2019.

TeachersAdda is available day in and day out to bolster your efforts through quizzes, study notes, capsules, test series, a comprehensive book which always help you in preparation for your teaching exams. 

Now this is the right time for you to start preparing for CTET 2019 not for stressing on the exam Looking forward to providing you the best apt study content for teaching exam at no cost thus making access to the exam content convenient for you, Today we are going to start study plan for the preparation of CTET 2019.

This will be weekly plan for every subject of Paper I & II topic wise. We are also going to provide you quizzes, study notes etc. related to weekly plan.

Weekly Study Plan For CTET 2019 (14 Jan 2019 – 20 Jan 2019)
Paper- I & II
Day Child Development & Pedagogy Hindi English Mathematics EVS/Science Social Science
Day 1 Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development गद्यांश व वर्णमाला Passage & one-word substitution Number System Science(Misc.) History- When, Where & How
Day 2 Factors affecting Development पद्यांश व विरामचिन्ह Poem & Tenses Advanced Number System Chemistry Social- Government
Day 3 Principle of Growth & Development गद्यांश व शब्द रचना Passage & idioms BODMAS Biology Geography- Solar System
Day 4 Physical, Social, Moral, Emotional & Motor Development पद्यांश व उपसर्ग- प्रत्यय Poem & Active/Passive Voice Fractions Science (Misc.) Questions Political- Parliamentary Government
Day 5 TOD (Test of the Day) TOD (Test of the Day) TOD (Test of the Day) TOD (Test of the Day) TOD (Test of the Day) TOD (Test of the Day)
Day 6 Revision of All Hindi Pedagogy English Pedagogy Mathematics Pedagogy EVS PedagogyScience Pedagogy Social Science Pedagogy
Day 7 Study Notes (PDF) Study Notes (PDF) Study Notes (PDF) Study Notes (PDF) Study Notes (PDF) Study Notes (PDF)

Get ready for CTET 2019 and start your practice daily for best results!

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