English Questions For CTET/ HTET/KVS 2018 Exam: 6th December 2018

Today, We are providing you the English Questions which help you to evaluate your performance by attempting these questions on regular basis. On daily basis, we will try to provide a variety of study material for English language or English Pedagogy section. These questions will help you a lot to prepare well in Language section in each teaching competitive examination like CTET Exam, KVS, DSSSB, NVS,UPTET etc.

Directions(1-7):Read the poem given and answer the questions that follow, by selecting the most appropriate answer. 

The rib of leaves lie in the dust, 
The break of frost has picked the bough, 
The briar bears its thorn, and drought 
Has left its ravage on the field. 
The season's wreckage lies about, 
Late autumn fruit is rotted now. 
All shade is lean, the antic branch 
Jerks skyward at the touch of wind, 
Dense trees no longer hold the light, 
The hedge and orchard grove are thinned. 
The dark bark dries beneath the sun, 
The last of harvesting is done. 
All things are brought to barn and fold. 
The oak leaves strain to be unbound, 
The sky turns dark, the year grows old, 
The buds draw in before the cold.

Q1. The phrase that best describes the theme is 

(a) the reasons that a field has been abandoned 
(b) the results of a powerful winter storm 
(c) the effects of a change in season from autumn to winter 
(d) the difficulty of farming in a cold climate, with little water 

Q2. To which sense does this poem most appeal? 

(a) hearing 
(b) sight 
(c) smell 
(d) touch 

Q3. The frost is being compared to 

(a) a field 
(b) the dust 
(c) the bears 
(d) a bird

Q4. 'Has left his ravage on the field.' Here 'ravage' means 

(a) fruit 
(b) frost 
(c) rain 
(d) waste 

Q5. The oak leaves strain to be unbound' means 

(a) the leaves are ready to fall 
(b) the leaves have turned to dust 
(c) the leaves have begun to rot 
(d) the leaves are ready to bud 

Q6. The mood of the poem is 

(a) amusing 
(b) gloomy 
(c) peaceful 
(d) suspenseful 

Q7. The set of words that contribute to the tone of the poem are 

(a) wreckage, dark, old 
(b) autumn, harvesting, barn 
(c) touch, light, sun 
(d) branch, hedge, leaves 

Directions(8-10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate answers.

Q8. The Olympic Games were held in Tokyo in 1964. As a result, many new stadiums and hotels were built.
As a result of the Olympic Games _____ in Tokyo in 1964, many new stadiums and hotels were built.

(a) had held
(b) held 
(c) being held 
(d) was held

Q9. Murat studied until late last night. As a result he did very well on today’s English test.
As a result of _____ until late last night, Murat did very well on today’s English test.

(a) he had studied 
(b) having been studying
(c) he studied 
(d) (his) studying

Q10. The population of Moscow has increased rapidly. As a result there is a housing shortage. As a result of the population of Moscow _____ rapidly, there is a housing shortage.

(a) increasing 
(b) had increased
(c) having increased 
(d)has increased

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