Important Vocabulary For DSSSB Exam: 6th August 2018

Important Vocabulary For DSSSB Exam

Dear Readers, we are providing to you Word List from The Newspaper to improve your word power. It will help you to enhance your word power as well as you can understand the correct usage of the word. Your reading habit can make all the difference. If you are not able to read a newspaper for Teaching Exam. We will post important words every day from editorial section.

1.Infiltration (noun)
Meaning: the action of entering or gaining access to an organization or place surreptitiously, especially in order to acquire secret information or cause damage.
Example: It comes in the backdrop of recent infiltration attempts and unrest, especially after the killing of top Hizbul Mujahideen commander Sabzar Bhat.
It also comes after the episode of Major Leetul Gogoi using a local as a human shield to ward off stone- throwers. During his last visit to the Valley, Gen. Rawat had announced a commendation card for Maj. Gogoi over the incident, which drew sharp reactions, criticism as well as support from various quarters.

2.Espionage (noun)
Meaning: the practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information.
Synonyms: spying, undercover work, cloak-and-dagger activities, surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, eavesdropping, infiltration, cyber espionage, counter-espionage, counter-intelligence.
Example: Pakistan on Thursday said Kulbhushan Jadhav, the former Indian naval commander who has been sentenced to death by a military court here for espionage and terrorist activities, will not be executed unless he has exhausted his mercy pleas.

3.Vex (verb)
Meaning: make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.
Synonyms: annoy, irritate, infuriate, anger, incense, inflame, enrage, irk, chagrin, exasperate, madden, pique, provoke, nettle, disturb, upset, perturb, discompose, put out.
Example: The lesson here is that while the collegium system had been unable to stop someone of his nature entering judicial office, maintaining internal discipline in the judiciary is an equally vexing issue.

4.Precursor (noun)
Meaning: a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunner.
Synonyms: forerunner, predecessor, forefather, father, parent, antecedent, ancestor, forebear, progenitor;
Example: A collection of addresses by Justice K.K. Mathew along with excerpts from his judicial opinions, published in 1978 under the title Democracy, Equality and Freedom, became the first work of its kind in Indian legal literature. Regrettably, it was also the last! The hope expressed by its editor, Prof. Upendra Baxi, that it would be the precursor of similar literary ventures in the future remained unfulfilled.

5.Expound (verb)
Meaning: present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.
Synonyms: present, put forward, set forth, proffer, offer, advance, propose, propound, frame, give an account of, recount;
Example: But for the illuminating and exhaustive 86-page introduction expounding the judicial creativity and craftsmanship of the judge, K.K. Mathew would have been just one judge out of  a roll-call of 186 judges who had sat in India’s Supreme Court.

6.Subservient (adjective)
Meaning: prepared to obey others unquestioningly.
Synonyms: submissive, deferential, acquiescent, compliant, accommodating, obedient, dutiful, duteous, biddable, yielding, meek, docile, ductile, pliant, passive, unassertive, spiritless, subdued, humble, timid, mild.
Example: He refused to accept that the makers of the Constitution ever intended that Fundamental Rights should be subservient to Directive Principles of State Policy; rather (he said) they visualised a society where rights in Part IV and aspirations in Part IV would co-exist in harmony — “A succeeding generation might view the relative importance of the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles in a  different light or from a different perspective.

7.Abrogate (verb)
Meaning: repeal or do away with (a law, right, or formal agreement).
Synonyms: repudiate, revoke, repeal, rescind, overturn, overrule, override, do away with, annul, cancel, break off, invalidate, nullify, void, negate, dissolve, countermand, veto, declare null and void, discontinue;
Example: Justice Mathew concluded that the only limitation to the amending power  in the Constitution was that the Constitution could not be repealed or abrogated in the exercise of the power of amendment without substituting a mechanism by which the state was constituted and organised — “that  limitation flows from the language of the Article (Article 368) itself.

8.Despotic (adjective)
Meaning: of or typical of a despot; tyrannical.
Synonyms: autocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian, authoritarian, absolute, absolutist, arbitrary, unconstitutional, undemocratic, anti-democratic, uncontrolled, unaccountable, summary.
Example: Article 329A as enacted had removed past, present and future operations of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, to election disputes affecting the Prime Minister and Speaker, and despite the absence of any applicable law it had (in effect) adjudicated the election dispute between  Raj Narain and  Indira Gandhi. In so doing, the amending body neither “ascertained the facts of the case” nor “applied any norms for determining the validity of the election”, and hence this was (according to Justice Mathew) plainly an exercise of “despotic power” damaging the democratic structure of the Constitution.

9.Eminent (adjective)
Meaning: (of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere.
Synonyms: illustrious, distinguished, renowned, esteemed, pre-eminent, notable, noteworthy, great, prestigious, important, significant, influential, outstanding, noted.
Example: Fali S. Nariman is an eminent lawyer, constitutional jurist and a former nominated Member of the Rajya Sabha.

10.Purport (verb)
Meaning: appear to be or do something, especially falsely.
Synonyms: claim, lay claim, profess, pretend.
Example: The court’s gag order on the media from reporting Justice Karnan’s  purported orders and comments only adds to the sense of unease about the whole episode.

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