General Awareness Questions For DSSSB Exam : 30 July 2018

General Awareness is the most important and vast section to cover in any examination perspective but to get command over this section is not a tough job. You have to explore more in your surrounding and just more update yourself. Most important thing Friends, you can practice General Awareness questions on a daily basis so that you can make great command over this section.

Q1. The pilgrims of Kailash Mansarovar have to pass through which pass to enter into Tibet? 
(a) Khardungala
(b) Rohtang
(c) Lipulikh
(d) Nathu la

Q2. The costliest metal of the world discovered recently, is
(a) Endohedral Fullerene
(b) Californium 252 
(c) Tritium 
(d) Rhodium

Q3. Who among the following holds his/her office during pleasure of the President?
(a) Comptroller and Auditor General of India 
(b) Chief Election Commissioner 
(c) Speaker of Lok Sabha 
(d) Attorney General of India

Q4. Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to Indian Foreign Policy?
(a) Article 380
(b) Article 312 
(c) Article 60 
(d) Article 51

Q5. August Offer’ was issued on __________ 1940?
(a) 8 August 
(b) 15 August 
(c) 20 August 
(d) 30 August 

Q6. The Sultan who described himself as ‘The Second Alexander’ (Sikander-i-Sani) was
(a) Balban 
(b) Alauddin Khilji 
(c) Muhammad bin Tughluq 
(d) Sikander Lodi 

Q7. The Himalayan mountain range is an example of
(a) residual mountain
(b) block mountain
(c) fold mountain
(d) volcanic mountain

Q8. The red colour of red soil is due to the rusting of
(a) nitrogen
(b) humus
(c) iron
(d) copper

Q9. Which river in India flows in a rift-valley?
(a) Tapti
(b) Krishna
(c) Cauvery
(d) None of these

Q10. The longest river of peninsular India is
(a) Cauvery
(b) Narmada
(c) Godavari
(d) Krishna

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