NVS PGT IT Interview Experience 2016-17

interview experience of nvs exam

Name: Ashok Kumar Pandey
Place: NVS HQ Noida sector 62
Date : 12-06-2017
Time: 9:00 AM

Total duration: 12 to 15 minutes.

I reached there by 8 AM

The Document verification process started at 8:30 AM.
They will give a 4-page bio data form in which you have to fill only first-page rest is only for the official purpose.

Document verification process was very smooth and got complete by 10:45 AM...

Then they called me for the interview at 11:20 PM.

Total members in the panel were 5 and all were men. No lady was in the panel.

I entered the room and wished them good morning...

They asked me to sit down.

M1: Please give a brief introduction of your educational qualifications.

Me: Sir I have completed my MCA in 2011, I was going to speak but M1 interrupted me.

M1: From

Me: KNIT SULTANPUR.Then I got selected in TCS during campus placement and then I join PNB and currently working as IT officer and my current posting is in Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh.

M1: So why you want to join NVS.

Are You get tired of your old job.

Me: No sir I am not tired of my old job but I love teaching that is why I want to join NVS.

M1: but in TCS then PNB how can you prove that you like teaching

Me: Sir after passing the graduation then I give free tuitions to needy students.

And I am currently posted in Dharamsala but still, I teach 3 boys of class 10 there.

M1: when was last lecture?

Me: 2-3 days earlier

M1: What was the topic you taught in your last class?

Me: topic??? I was surprised by this question

M1: last topic you taught?

Me: Quadratic equation

M1: For equal roots what will be the condition?

Me: sir D=0 or b*b-4ac=0

M1: what if D is less than zero.

Me: the roots will be imaginary

M1: can u tell a real life example in which the imaginary numbers can be used.

I have no idea sir.

M1: can you get the square root of a negative number

Me: yes sir but it will be in the form of i.

M1: what is pie.

Me: sir it is a rational number (i was wrong here) have value 3.14.

M1: Are you sure pie is a rational number??

Me: sir if we can represent a number in the form of p/q where q!=0 then it is a rational number. In pie, we have 22/7

M1: but it’s an Approximation, not the exact value(pie is an irrational number and I was wrong )

I agree with you sir.

Then he indicated to M2 to question.

M2: which language and DBMS you use in your Organisation.

Me: Sir c++ and Microsoft SQL Server

what are the aggregate functions available in SQL?

Me: sir sum,max,min,avg etc..

M3: how many tables you have used in your database?

Me: many sir.. database is already structured in the bank .

M2: what is group by in SQL??

Me: with the help of group by we can get the data in a...

M2: can you write a query in which you have to group the data dept. wise..

you can use the employee table.

I started writing query

select * from an employee.

M2: you have to use group by on dept. name...

Me: I corrected my query

Select dept name,empid.

From employee

M1: Aapko aata to hai na??

Me: sir I have written may query during my job.

M1: ok aapko aata hai.. rahne do query mat likho...

Then he indicated to M3 plz ask

M3: Aap NVS ke bare me kya jante hai...

Me: Iwas about to answer but they started chatting with one another.

Then i said

Sir nvs is very Reputed organisation..again interrupted by M3

M3: aap ne NVS dekha hai koi..

Me: han sir

M3: khan ka

Me: sir Faizabad ka..

M3: aap under gaye ho..

M1: gol gol answer mat dena sir puchhege

Fir sub bat kerne lage...

Me: sir mai school ke under nahi gaya hoon.

M3: to kya board dekh ker chale aaye?

Me: sir mere padosi ka ladka NVS me select hua tha to main use ek bar chhodne gaya tha..but only parent or guardian are allowed to mujhe under nahi jane mila...

kahi bhi posting milge chalega..

Aap khan se ho ??

Me: Faizabad

M3: ha to Faizabad me thode posting milegi..

Me: sir in PNB i m posted in dharamsala himachal pradesh..

M3: isme hum aap ko himachal nahi madipur ya arunachal pradesh bhejenge..

Me: sir i have no issue...

M3: theek hai.

M4: interview me sab yahi kahte hai i am ok but bad me sab kuchh na kuchh bahane batane lagte hai..

Then they all again stated chating..

Once done..then M1 said ok thank you ..you may go now..

I left the room and wished them all Have a good day sir...

Good Luck For Your Future....

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